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Big Aeroplane

Orchard Toys

  • Colourful aeroplane puzzle with lots to talk about
  • 30 chunky pieces
  • Fun transport theme
  • Includes learning guide on the back of the box
  • Suitable for ages 3-6

The passengers are very excited as they wait to take off on this colourful aeroplane. There's lots to talk about as you put together this big, bright, 30-piece puzzle, which is ideal for children aged approximately 3 to 6 years old. The Captain is all ready to climb into the cockpit, and the cabin crew are waving goodbye as they close the doors ready for take-off. The mechanics are making their final checks, and it will soon be time to fly up into the sky. Where do you think they are going to? This shaped puzzle, measuring approximately 25.5cms x 41cms, has 30 large, chunky pieces, making it perfect for little hands and fingers. This puzzle is perfect for helping children with literacy skills, as you can make up stories for all the passengers - could the elderly passengers at the front of the plane be going to visit their grandchildren? Perhaps the couple at the back of the plane are going somewhere sunny on holiday? You could also ask who is at the bottom of the steps? How many passengers can you see through the windows between the doors? What is written on the wing? As well as simply putting the puzzle together, children will love talking about this bright, colourful aeroplane.


Not suitable for children under 36 months


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