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Our Story

Our Story

The Tiny Toy Store was an idea when I was on maternity leave, at the time with our first-born son - Dylan. It was an idea that I had at the time as I struggled to find high quality toys that were both stimulating and environmentally friendly for my little one. At this time there were very few readily available toys that met this criteria at the regular high street stores and the quest proved a frustrating one. I was undeterred, however, and decided to take my search to the Internet, where I found a wide variety of wonderful high quality and eco-friendly toys that were seemingly hidden away out of many parents reach. This sparked a determination that everybody should have access to amazing toys that entertain and stimulate but also look out for our kids futures.

With this in mind the seeds for The Tiny Toy Store were sown and I began searching far and wide for the best products that I knew my child and other children would love, my husband began devising a strategy to make these toys available to all and not long after the name The Tiny Toy Store was created and eventually this web-site developed with the aim of passing on my vision and passion for children’s toys so that all children could enjoy responsibly sourced toys that would stimulate their growth and, more importantly, provide fun.

We are different from other online toy stores as we know how busy life can be with keeping children entertained and occupied, so we create newsletters that you can register for with informative tips and tricks to keep your children engaged from messy play ideas to healthy food recipes. Additionally, we travel often as a family and based on our experience and knowledge we know how challenging that can be, so we also provide helpful checklist/s of what to pack/not-pack before travelling with your children, as well as recommend ideas on how to keep them busy on the plane.

So welcome to our website. Feel free to take your time and browse the vast selection of toys and games we offer and rest assured that anything you buy will have been carefully selected to not only provide joy to your child but to also ensure that our wonderful world is preserved for both them and future generations.

Thank you very much for visiting our store and watch out for ‘Ethan’ our elephant logo who will pop up from time to time with exciting offers and information on which products can help with your children's development.

The Tiny Toy Store Family x