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About Us

About The Tiny Toy Store

Hello and welcome to our website! Here at The Tiny Toy Store we pride ourselves on the great quality of the products that we sell and the friendly customer service we provide to all our customers. We are a family run business, with most of us having young children and babies of their own, so we understand what it's like trying to choose the right toys to entertain and stimulate our energetic bundles of fun. It is this knowledge and experience of children that really sets us apart from other toy stores as we constantly strive to find high quality toys that we know are fun but are equally affordable for all parents. We choose items that we love and hope that you will love them too.  We don’t stock anything that we wouldn’t be happy to have for our own children or give as presents to family or friends.

One of our focusses here at The Tiny Toy Store is to supply sustainable and eco-friendly toys that have no detriment to the environment around us. To this end, we carefully select the toys we sell and try, wherever possible, to ensure all products we stock are made from recyclable or sustainable materials, like wood. Where a toy cannot be made from wood, we choose brands that have a strong track record of being highly focussed on sustainability. As a result of this careful curation, all our toys, whether they be made from wood or otherwise, are highly durable, making sure they can not only be enjoyed now but passed down for future generations to enjoy as well.

Another thing we pride ourselves on here at The Tiny Toy Store is the role we play in various charities and charitable events across the UK. We all have been involved with charity events over the years, including a project set up to give toys to children in orphanages across the country. This has been a life changing experience for everyone at The Tiny Toy Store and has driven us to become more involved with children charities in the future both here in the UK and abroad.